Just someone with too much ambition trying to make some of my ideas a reality. I am currently in South Korea but I am from the U.S. I've been working professionally as a web developer for the last 6 years, with this recent move, I am taking on streaming fulltime. Twitch is taking streaming services away from those who are in Korea, so to combat that, I will be live on Kick and Tiktok majority of the time. You can find me with the same user name: Briciusss. Links are below as well. My artwork ranges from small (to extended) animation, logos, emotes, banners, desktop wallpapers, cartoon portraits and more! Anyways, if you made it here, thank you for supporting whatever one of my crazy passions I am trying to make happen. Just the fact you are rooting for me, means a lot. Thank you and welcome to the Brick House.
- Briciusss

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